Individual Counseling

For individual counseling, the best choice in the Bethesda area is Bethesda Couples Counseling. We use a modern approach to psychotherapy that will make the most of our sessions and help you improve your life.

When you first come to a session you’ll notice right away that our approach is different. We use a non-judgmental approach that will help you make the most progress and do so in comfort and at ease with the process.

It is the highest importance that we put you first and use all the tools at our disposal to figure out the root causes of your emotional or behavioral symptoms and get you on the right track.

Why We’re Different

There are many things that set us apart and make our office the first one to call for individual therapy.

  • We use a building-block strategy to reliably change entrenched psychological or behavioral patterns
  • We work with creative methods to access previously unknown characteristics about yourself instead of revisiting information you already have
  • Focus just on the issues most relevant to your goals
  • Utilize experiential (in the moment) therapeutic tools to tap into how the brain learns emotionally.
  • Make adjustments in the approach we are using if either of us notice that your goals aren’t being addressed.

These are just a few of the ways to describe what you can expect when working with our Bethesda psychotherapy staff.