Anxiety and Stress

Bethesda MD Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety & Stress | Bethesda MD Anxiety TherapyAnxiety can feel like an ominous dragon that appears in unwelcome ways. Many people suffer from it without knowing it. You aren’t alone — and there is help. Developments in psychology give those suffering hope for a healthy way of living. Our counselors can help improve your life with anxiety, so you can once again enjoy life, be productive, boost your confidence and creativity, and have healthy relationships. Our Anxiety Therapy can be the relief you’ve been longing for.

Do You Need Anxiety Therapy?

If any of the following apply to you, please call to set up your free consultation with our  Anxiety Therapy specialists. Do you:

  • No longer feel “in the moment” or enjoy your day-to-day activities?
  • Have obsessive thoughts, particularly over things you cannot change?
  • Engage in unwanted behaviors?
  • Suffer from panic attacks?
  • Struggle to reduce your stress levels?
  • Find yourself relying on alcohol or other substances to feel calm, or quiet nervous or anxious feelings?
  • Notice physical changes due to stress, such as loss of appetite, weight gain, weight loss, or an upset stomach?
  • Believe your obsessive thoughts and/or worries interfere with your work or personal relationships?
  • Frequently miss out on opportunities because of indecisiveness or extreme caution?
  • Suffer from phobias that provoke fear or anxiety?
  • Currently receive treatment from your doctor or psychiatrist for anxiety?

How Our Anxiety Therapy Works

Feeling anxiety is not inherently wrong. All mammals utilize anxiety to respond to their environments. The cortisol released in our systems allows us to fight harder, run faster, and move quicker in times of danger or stress. Not only do humans have opposable thumbs, but we also have the ability to imagine threats and subsequent stressors without external stimuli. We don’t need to see the lion hunting us to know there is a chance he may be there. This has given humans a significant leg up in the food chain, but it can also severely hinder us if we cannot turn this mechanism off. Without turning off that fight-or-flight mentality, anxiety and fear can become a crippingly dictator over your life and have a negative impact on your full body health.

Our Anxiety Therapy utilizes your body’s natural relaxation response. We stimulate this response through regular practice until it becomes second nature, and your body’s default response to stress and anxiety.

Take the First Step — Call Us Today

Cognitive or behavioral strategies  manage anxiety only for small periods of time, specifically when they are used. Our approach, using a mind-body (mindfulness) psychotherapy, may be exactly what you need to tame your inner battles with anxiety. Our experienced team will work with you to first conduct an assessment to determine if our Anxiety Therapy is the best approach for you.

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