Bethesda Couples Counseling

Becoming the Solution

When it is time to say “I want this relationship to work” then it is time to talk to the therapists at Bethesda Couples Counseling. They will help you to realize there are many different relationship styles and just because things may feel rocky right now that does not mean that they are not able to be brought together. Bethesda Couples Counseling works with so many different relationship styles that it is very helpful to know they will take the time to listen to your needs completely and they will make every effort to help put you on the right track for your future.

Effective Couples Therapy

Bethesda Couples Counseling looks at many different aspects of counseling to determine if the therapy is being effective. Our trained professionals with Bethesda Couples Counseling consider therapy to be “working” when any or all of the following things are happening:

  1. You can stop criticizing you partner because you have found better ways to communicate your needs.
  2. You get more when you give more. You can adjust your behavior in response to a problem and realize how this helps your partner’s ability to adjust behavior.
  3. You learn about the ways you are “exiting” the relationship to avoid painful or unrewarding exchanges. You commit to gradually close your exits to find more productive ways to address dissatisfaction or old hurts. (Our Bethesda Couples Counseling is committed to help you through this process using non-shaming and supportive methods).
  4. You wake up to the realization that you have gradually ceased doing many of the caring behaviors you once did for your partner. You attempt to turn these behaviors back on as soon as possible or start to look at why you can’t or don’t want to.
  5. You begin to see your feelings toward your partner more as your responsibility. You can’t change your partner but often the best way to ignite the kind of participation you want from your partner is to take the lead and be willing to look at yourself more closely (without doing all the work). This isn’t easy but it is what our Bethesda Couples Counseling staff are experienced at doing well.

These are only some of the guidelines for effective couple’s therapy. There are many, many possibilities for change, even if you think there’s no hope! Talk to your Bethesda Couples Counseling therapist to learn about the next step toward a better relationship. We know that each relationship is unique and has its own style and therefore it’s important to let us know what your  needs are to see if we can help. Get in touch with your Bethesda Couples Counseling therapist today and schedule for a consultation. You will be glad you did!