Anger Management in Bethesda MD

Transform your anger into something that works for you, not against you.

Anger Management Therapy | Bethesda MD“If we become angry at our anger, we will have two angers at the same time.” -Thich Nhact Hahn

Everyone experiences anger. It can be a result of situational disappointment, unmet expectations, or  self-blame. Perhaps your team lost the game or your car breaks down. Countless scenarios give way to the emotional response of anger, but this doesn’t mean it is inherently good or bad. This concept, of moral ambiguity, is taught through our Anger Management Counseling Services.

Anger creates a set of internal emotions that can become either a positive or negative thought and reaction. These two sides are represented by two very different types of anger, flexible and burdened, through our internal reaction.

Flexible anger is the positive outcome that occurs when our anger has a proper channel to flow through. Allowing this energy to express itself permits us to look at the emotion in a healthier manner. Flexible anger motivates us to work harder, look at the bigger picture, or have a positive outlook on the situation at hand. Think of this anger as electricity: your emotional response is focused, powerful, and clear. At Bethesda MD Anger Management, our trained team of professionals will help you become familiar with this type of release and learn how to direct into something more productive and positive.

Burdened anger, while physiologically similar to flexible anger, is far more difficult to manage. It is destructive, both internally and externally, and is often not acknowledged until we are left in the wake of damage caused to our relationships, those around us, and even to material objects within throwing or breaking distance. This anger triggers after an internal plummet in self-value. As the anger flares and energy is created, you are sucked into a cyclical set of self-blame and self-loathing: everything is your fault, therefore you are worthless, and now you are defeated. The burden is the belief of inadequacy. This spinning energy has no outlet, thus setting off an internal avalanche, spitting that energy and anger out at anyone or anything nearby.

Bethesda MD Anger Management is designed to teach you how to take ownership of your anger and regain control of your life.

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