Bethesda Premarital Counseling: Building a Firm Foundation

Why Bethesda Premarital Counseling Pays Off

On average the cost of a wedding is around $26,951. For some it’s a little more, others a little less. Divorce…well that can get even more costly, ranging anywhere from $8,000 to $132,000. The cost of being in or getting out of a marriage is nothing to sneeze at. If it was a business, you would prepare a detailed plan outlining what you would do, how proactive you would be to market and make your product and how you plan to make your business profitable. But marriage is not a business. It’s a living and breathing entity, that requires love and understanding. A marriage does emulate a new business in some aspects as it requires careful planning and preparation to get it right. Protect your marriage investment by learning about the ways Bethesda premarital counseling can benefit your relationship.

Erin and Matthew Donahue, a newly married couple from Chicago, think that premarital counseling helped them become closer. Erin says, “You address issues that you don’t typically think of and talk about them before they arise. It keeps you better prepared for what you are heading towards.” Premarital counseling provides each individual the tools needed to create a relationship that operates on open communication and mutual understanding. Making a marriage commitment is a serious choice and both parties should fully be aware of what they are getting in to before they sign the marriage certificate.

Bethesda Premarital counseling builds a firm foundationBethesda Premarital Counseling: Something to Take Seriously

That’s why Jonathan Veach, a landscape architect in Montgomery Illinois thinks it’s important to take counseling seriously. “Each couple needs to choose a counselor that is experienced,” he says. “Issues that are small can really escalate if you ignore them, even if your counselor is helping you out.” Pre-marriage education lets people like Jonathan identify and figure out the main root of a problem. An unsatisfying marriage is certainly not what anyone looks forward to after the wedding bells stop pealing, but counseling can create the support and foundation a marriage needs to make it enjoyable and fulfilling–this is what our Bethesda premarital counseling does.

Julie Hanks, a family therapist with Utah-based Wasatch Family Therapy, also agrees with Jonathan. She points out that counseling helps couples think about the disconnections that can cause conflict. Good therapy allows a couple to see why there is that disconnect and assists each individual learning in learning their own communication style that is comfortable and valuable to the opposite partner. We encourage you to ask about this during your consult with Bethesda premarital counseling.

Reputable Experience You Can Trust at Bethesda Premarital Counseling

It’s also important to choose a couples counselor who is experienced and can handle the issues you and your partner are facing. Race, religion, family backgrounds, or past relationship problems can all play a major role in whether or not your marriage will last. Both the Donahue’s and Veach think that finding a counselor who has plenty of experience who can also relate on a couple’s personal level is essential in forging an impenetrable bond. This means that there might be homework involved, including individual and relationship exercises, workshops and other therapy methods. Bethesda Couples Counseling provides a wide range of tools that can help turn relationships around. Don’t become a part of the estimated 50% of marriages that end in divorce. Get the right therapy you to prepare yourself for a life of contentment and happiness with your partner.