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Bethesda MD Family Counseling

 Bethesda Family CounselingImprove the way your family communicates and create healthy patterns to last a lifetime with Bethesda MD Family Counseling. No family is perfect, but certain situations should seek professional family counseling, such as:

  • If you or your child has experienced trauma
  • If you family feels incapable of displaying respect, kindness, or appreciation to one another
  • If your family has experienced a death or severe illness
  • If one or more of your family is suffering from an addiction or mental health symptoms
  • If you have remarried and need assistance combining your families
  • If your family has or will undergo separation or divorce

If you are looking to improve your parenting skills


How does Bethesda MD Family Counseling help?

Our licensed family counselor will meet with you to identify problem areas and discuss your desired results. We start with questionnaires and leading questions to create a plan for therapy, which allows us to collaborate for the best solution and improve ways your family interacts with one another. Our therapy model is designed to assess your family’s strengths and needs, in order to provide a customized plan of action. In a typical family counseling session, our counselor provides structure and boundaries for interaction, which help keep everyone on the same page.

Things to expect include:

  • Improved communication skills
  • Increased honesty with one another
  • Feeling like a team while parenting with your spouse
  • Respect and trust reciprocated between the parents and children
  • Children’s improved performance and maturity at school
  • A renewed confidence in your parenting abilities
  • Taking back control from your kids


Bethesda MD Family Counseling:

Play Therapy for Younger Children

Therapy for young children may seem complicated because they cannot always easily talk about or understand their feelings. Just as adults have different avenues to express themselves in therapy, children also have the benefit of play therapy. With children between the ages of six to twelve, our counselors may utilize therapeutic games, art materials, sand play, and storytelling. For children under the age of five, our counselors rely on play techniques. Before beginning these methods, our counselors will determine a course of therapy and discuss them with you.

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