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Has the question been popped and now the plans for your big day are being tended to? Like most couples you’re probably over the moon with excitement about becoming a married couple.  The dress is being altered, invitations being designed and deposits placed on the perfect venue for your perfect day.  It’s due to these feelings of bliss that the majority of people shy away from premarital counseling.

The thought of a  premarital counseling rubs many couples the wrong way. Privately they might feel that if they were to talk with a premarital counseling therapist that issues they are actually concerned about might come up. And secretly they are afraid that if these issues come out into the open, that their pending marriage dreams might not come true.  You could say that they are fearful that a Bethesda MD premarital counseling session might rock the boat, and they feel safer just leaving it alone. This may sound a bit crazy, but this line of thinking is not unusual.

We are talking about your life!  Day after day people divorce and often they are unable to recover from the heartbreak, feelings of anger, financial repercussions and difficult child support and spousal support agreements. Some successfully move on, but many lives are adversely affected and never quite recover.  The time for a premarital counseling session is now! A counseling session is nothing to fear. It can actually bring a couple even closer together and will most always bring up issues and ways of dealing with those issues successfully. A premarital counseling can help prevent a life filled with unnecessary suffering and unnecessary questioning about what is really going through the mind of your future spouse.

Marriage is a living and breathing entity that only survives with understanding and love. Although it’s an unpopular view, a marriage also resembles a business. A  premarital counseling session can help you plan for that unexpected rocky road and can guide you with planning ideas that may very well prevent that rocky road from ever happening. A premarital counseling session can bring each individual’s thoughts and views on a whole list of matters to the forefront where they can be addressed and taken care of before causing strife to an otherwise long and successful marriage.

Invest in your upcoming nuptials by learning how a premarital counseling therapist can benefit your relationship. Marriage is a serious commitment and both parties should fully be aware of what their future life partner’s views are on different life areas before they sign the marriage certificate.

Bethesda MD Premarital Counseling Engaged Couple

Premarital counseling can help create the support and foundation a marriage needs to make it a lasting, fruitful and happy union for everyone involved. Set up a free consultation with Bethesda Couples Counseling today and let us help prepare you for a successful life union filled with true contentment and happiness!

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