Bethesda MD Marriage Counseling

Have you found yourself wondering if you need to seek a marriage counseling therapist? We all hear day in and day out that the expectancy of a lasting marriage is a thing of the past.  That is not true at all so don’t fall into that trap or buy into that myth.  Plenty of couples are reaching their 50th wedding anniversaries and more. Our educated therapists at Bethesda Couples Counseling want you and your partner to know that without a doubt there is hope for your relationship. Our marriage counseling professionals have a seasoned approach to guiding you and your spouse through any rocky times you may be presently experiencing. Whether it’s learning new ways to communicate with each other, learning how to deal optimistically with each other’s growth or even dealing with affair recovery counseling, marriage counseling can provide healing and even a new found strength in your marriage. Divorce doesn’t have to be the end result in a marriage that has gone awry.

Marriage counseling addresses the importance of acknowledging that both you and your partner exist outside of the relationship as well as inside of it interacting together. Our marriage counseling focuses on making both of you whole as individuals.  This can often then bring a renewed interest and bond between a husband and wife. Other innovative approaches by our counselors  include exploring a deeper connection through healthy intimacy and sex.

There is no right or wrongs during marriage counseling sessions. Our relationship experts will guide you on how to be true to yourself in all situations and how to convey your deepest feelings and beliefs in a way that is non-confrontational. Our counselors can teach you ways to say even the hardest truths to one another and have it affect your marriage in a positive and constructive way.

Bethesda MD Marriage Counseling Joyous Couple

Bethesda Couples Counseling can improve your relationship by guiding you through exercises in genuine communication. Our therapist can teach the importance of mutual respect, kindness and affection.  People become stronger as individuals and this can be a catalyst to healthy bonding in a relationship. It is crucial that both partners are participating in marriage counseling sessions as it is documented that change will not take place if it is one sided and both partners aren’t participating.

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